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    What is a acrylic desk calendar stand?

    Desk calendar stands are used to hold calendars, allowing users to view dates, make notes, schedules, and for decoration. The base of the desk calendar can be crafted from wood, metal, glass, acrylic, and other materials.

    Given the exceptional advantages of acrylic, such as easy shaping, a diverse color palette, and its high aesthetic appeal, it is becoming increasingly popular for use in manufacturing. This popularity extends to desk calendar stands as well.

    Acrylic calender stands
    Acrylic calendar stands

    Technical specifications

    • Origin: Manufactured directly at Batco Vietnam.
    • Material: Acrylic sheets imported from Taiwan, South Korea, China,…
    • Dimensions: 15x25cm,…
    • Thickness: 2 – 5mm,…
    • Styles: T-shaped, L-shaped, V-shaped,…
    • Colors: Clear, black, red, blue, yellow, smoke,…

    Types of acrylic desk calendar stands

    1. V-shaped desk calendar stand

    The stand features an inverted V-shaped design (resembling an A or a triangle). The item is created by folding a single acrylic sheet to form two flat surfaces.

    V-Shaped acrylic calender stands
    V-shaped acrylic calendar stand

    2. L-shaped desk calendar stand

    This stand is also created by bending a single acrylic sheet. It results in two falt surfaces with different lengths. The shorter one serves as the stand’s base.

    L-Shaped acrylic calender stands
    L-shaped acrylic calendar stand

    3. T-shaped desk calendar stand

    It features an inverted T-shaped design, and the base section can be made as a detachable part or as a single piece.

    T-Shaped acrylic calender stands
    T-shaped acrylic calendar stand

    Contact information

    • Address: 15 Khuyen Luong Street, Tran Phu Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
    • Hotline: +84 243 644 58 58
    • Phone: +84 901 798 001
    • Email:
    • Zalo: 0901798001

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