• Material: Acrylic sheets
  • Thickness: 1 – 5mm,…
  • Colors: Clear, black, white, gray, yellow,…
  • Sizes: A4, A5, A6, A7,…

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What are T-shaped acrylic menu holders?

The T-shaped acrylic menu holder is made from acrylic plastic and crafted into the shape of letter “T”. Similar to other types of menus, the T-shaped acrylic menu stand serves the primary function of presenting product information and service details.

This type of menu holder is commonly used in restaurants, eateries, cafes, supermarkets, shopping centers, malls,…

T-shaped acrylic menu holder
T-shaped acrylic menu holder

Structure of the T-shaped acrylic menu holders

T-shaped acrylic menu holders consist of two parts: the body and the base:

  • Body section: This is the main part of the menu holder and serves to display the menu content. The body is formed by bending and folding a acrylic sheet.
  • Base section: The base functions as a support for the body and is often printed, laser-engraved, or adorned with the brand logo.
T-shaped acrylic menu stand
T-shaped acrylic menu stand

Types of T-shaped acrylic menu holders

The T-shaped acrylic menu stand is divided into two main types:

1. Detachable base T-shaped menu holders

The menu body is attached to the separate base with a connecting joint. You can easily detach the menu by pulling or sliding to replace the content sheet inside.

T-shaped acrylic menu holder with detachable base
T-shaped acrylic menu stand with detachable base

2. Attached base T-shaped menu holders

The menu body and base are made from a single acrylic sheet without any connecting joints. The T-shaped acrylic menu stand with attached base has the advantage of being compact and lightweight, making it easy to move. However, it is more challenging to clean or change the menu’s content.

T-shaped acrylic menu stand with attached base
T-shaped acrylic menu stand with attached base

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