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    What are V-shaped acrylic calendar stands?

    Similar to its name, the V-shaped acrylic calendar stand features a simple design that, when set upright, forms the shape of letter V or a triangle. The product has two large sides for display purposes.

    V-shaped desk calendar stands are designed to be compact and is suitable for office spaces, living rooms, work desks,… The V-shaped structure provides stability and convenience during use.

    V-Shaped acrylic calendar stands
    V-Shaped acrylic calendar stand

    Technical specifications

    • Origin: Manufactured at Batco Vietnam
    • Material: Acrylic sheets
    • Style: V-shaped
    • Thickness: 2 – 5mm,…
    • Sizes: A4, A5, A6, A7,…
    • Colors: Transparent, black, white, gray, yellow, green,…

    You can also order other sizes, thicknesses and colors.

    V-shaped desk calendar stand
    V-shaped desk calendar stand

    Contact Information

    • Address: 15 Khuyen Luong Street, Tran Phu Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
    • Hotline: +84 243 644 58 58
    • Phone: +84 901 798 001
    • Email: kinhdoanh01@batco.com.vn
    • Zalo: 0901 798 001

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