• Material: Polycarbonate, acrylic, PVC,…
  • Thickness: 2 – 10mm,…
  • Colors: Transparent, white, blue, gray, etc.

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Plastic products for cleanrooms

The use of specialized equipment in cleanrooms helps improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process and ensures human health. Alongside production machinery systems, such as ventilation, odor extraction, air conditioning, etc., other supplementary products, from clothing to storage cabinets, must also meet cleanroom standards.

Plastic products for cleanrooms produced by Batco are made from anti-static plastic sheets. ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) plastic sheets ensure cleanroom standards by being low in dust adhesion, easy to clean, and, most importantly, resistant to electrostatic discharge phenomena.

Plastic products for cleanrooms
Plastic products for cleanrooms

Somes palstic products for cleanrooms at Batco

1. Wall partitions

Made from thick anti-static acrylic or polycarbonate sheets, ensuring safety and high efficiency when used.

The partition products are used to separate areas, dividing cleanrooms into small, isolated spaces with specific functions.

Plastic wall partitions for cleanrooms
Plastic wall partitions for cleanrooms

2. Acrylic cabinets

The product can be processed in numerous styles, sizes, and colors, meeting all customer requirements. Acrylic cabinets for cleanrooms primarily serve the function of storing and preserving items such as shoes, personal belongings, tools, and more.

Acrylic cabinet for cleanrooms
Acrylic cabinet for cleanrooms

3. ESD plastic trays

The product is designed for storing medical instruments, laboratory equipment, or food items. Cleanroom trays are also fabricated from anti-static plastic sheets.

Anti-static acrylic tray for cleanrooms
Anti-static acrylic tray for cleanrooms

4. Wall-mounted plastic holders

Currently, the wall-mounted holder is a popular choice in cleanroom environments due to the convenience it brings during use.

The plastic wall-mounted holder is made from ESD acrylic or ESD polycarboante sheets and can be designed to hold items such as protective clothing, gloves, safety glasses, etc.

Wall-mounted safety glasses holder
Wall-mounted safety glasses holder

5. Plastic boxes

The plastic box for cleanroom is used to safely store tools, essential items, or products. Items stored in the box will be completely protected from airborne dust.

Plastic gloves box for cleanrooms
Plastic gloves box for cleanrooms

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